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Using Exercise to Clear Your Head

There is nothing like a long run in the rain to get your thoughts organised in your mind.

With no interference, at night, with no distractions, you can really focus.

I particularly enjoy hill running, as the extra difficulty helps you focus on the struggle to get to the top, and gives you a great sense of achievement when you reach the summit without stopping!

Regularly completing athletic challenges like this can help improve your focus and determination in the rest of your life.

This will be the start of a new chapter, evolving into a driven, and focused person, with real, clear goals.

Self Motivation

Sometimes, after a while, you become stagnated, your will has been lost somewhere down a rabbit hole, and you cannot find the reason why you do the things you do everyday.

Now this state can go on for an indefinite amount of time, and is usually triggered by a significant event, from which the body decides to withdraw to safety, and create a routine where that safety is maintained.

The only way to snap out of this state is to experience a similar event, or shock, that will trigger reflection from the subject, and help them self evaluate, which is a very important part of the healing process.

From there, setting goals from core values that they think they should have, or used to have, will help re-structure a new positive routine, and therefore put them back on the right path.

It is a similar concept as to why addicts go cold turkey, or go into rehab, the drastic change in this situation, stimulates self evaluation, and true realisation of their own situation.

I believe I have experienced something very similar, and am currently breaking out of my situation.

Self discipline and motivational rules to work by:

  1. Say no to things that do not progress your true goals, in the areas of Family, Friendships, Educational Development, and Personal Health.
  2. Remove all negative influencers from your routine, that may disapprove or hamper your new goals in life.
  3. Surround and Immerse yourself with the teachings of people you would like to emulate, be it reading, listening, or interacting these successful people.
  4. Never be afraid to fail, and take action everyday towards your end goals.
  5. Be organised, keep promises, and be decisive – BE A LEADER!

Welcome to my personal blog

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my new blog, for personal rants and comments on everyday issues.

This will probably contain a random array of topics, with many different tones depending on the mood I’m in (and how may coffees that have been consumed).

Anyway, browse around, let me know your comments, and I’ll see you around.